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Tanit was a Phoenician deity of Delos (small island in the Cyclades next to Mykonos). She can be seen in one of the biggest mosaic of Delos at the so called "House Of Dolphins". You can also find her decorating our second caique "Kapetan Giannis" in Irakleia.
Tanit protects you from the evil eye & brings you luck
Silk blue string
Dimensions: 9 cm X 7 cm
Gift yourself or someone you love
Hang it at your most precious corner
*Tama (pl. tamata) are a form of offering used in the Eastern Orthodox churches. Tama is a very well-known greek tradition & one of our favorites. It can also be used as a lucky charm, protecting you from the bad eye & negative energy. Can be used as a Christmas ornament too.

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